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Cases of data loss


Almost everyone is likely to encounter data loss at some point. While some user are lucky enough to be able to restore their lost data, in some cases the data is not recoverable. To avoid such mishaps, it is important that you know the most common causes of data loss.


  • A Google Study revealed hard drives have 50% changes of failing within 5 years.
  • As per various internet surveys, computer viruses account for 4% to 7% of all data loss.


Accidentally Deleting Data

Many times people unintentionally press the delete button and do not realize that their data is gone forever until it's to late.

Be extremely careful when handling crucial data to avoid these kinds of accidents.

Computer Viruses

It has been note that are several instances where a computer virus not just leads to data loss but also corrupts system.

Install a good anti-virus solution that will retaliate against any virus to keep your file safe.

Corrupt Files

A file may get corrupted due to some logical errors.

Software issues Invalid entries in locations files

See to it that you back up all your data off-site, to seprate disk drives.

Damaged Computer Hardware

Hard drives are sensitive to mishandling and can damage easily, which may result in data loss that is beyond recovery.

Handle your hand drive with utmost care, so you do not lose your precious data.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters have a slim chance of washing away your data by causing physical damage to your drives and systems.

Have a backup of your data stored in a remote location to prevent data loss due to unforeseen circumstances.

Software crash

When in a hurry, people tend to accidentally formet their hard drives which results in instant data loss.

In such cases, make sure not to overwrite your hard disk and immediately call an expert who can help retrieve the loss data from the formatted hard drive.

Electrical Problems

Unsaved data often disappears when there is apower failure.

Builda habit of saving your fiels frequently while working.


Needless to say, when a system gets hacked, the hacker damages your data.

Use a firewall on your system to veep a check on malicious activities.

Overused Hard Disk

When your hard disk shows unusual behavior, it's time to say goodbye !

Random file removals Systems hanging for no reason

Make it a point to back up your data on different disk drives before you replace your old hard disk with a new one.

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